Container Dry Desiccants

These are High profile desiccant with Tyvek DuPont packing, for high absorption capacity for Food products as well as consumable products which are edible. Other than Silica gel as desiccants which are carcinogenic chemicals, which can’t be used as desiccants for the food products, Co-carcinogens are chemicals that do not necessarily cause cancer on their own but promote the activity of other carcinogens in causing cancer.

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Asia Packaging has solution Container Dry Desiccants, Bentonite clay, and calcium chloride based desiccants which are safest to use and are easily disposable so they are called eco-friendly desiccants. They are specially designed and formulated with Food grade ingredients for shipping containers. Shipping container desiccants undergo through a high range of variation in temperature. For an example the temperature might be 32ºC while loading the material inside the container in India during the day time, which might turn up to 8ºC during shipping night time and would get hot during afternoon again shipment at 40ºC, which causes condensation and container rains.

In such Extreme conditions, Container Dry Desiccants provides protection against the following:-

  • Condensation
  • Container Rains
  • Moisture Problems
  • Bad Odor or Bad smell
  • Dewdrops Problem
  • Corrugated Box getting Pale and wet
  • Extraction of Box Labels
  • Getting contaminated and germicides

Dry gel packs protect against reasons for condensation like the hygroscopic property of the stuffed goods, climatic changes during transport, temperature variations, rainwater leakage and moisture content of dunnage and pallets, etc.