Continues Strip Desiccant

Continues strip silica gel roll form is for faster insertion of the pouches in the bottles without any manual operations. This increases the output of the final product by insertion of the Silica gel pouches inside the bottles with the help of a machine which works on laser cutting techniques.

The laser identifies two types of Roll form pouches:

  • Hole Punch Pouches
  • Eye Mark Pouches
  • Hole punch pouches are with a hole in between each of the adjoins so it makes very easy for the laser machines to detect for the cut to be made each time the single pouch is to be inserted inside the Bottles
  • Eye Mark Rolls are with small pores in between each adjoins where the laser detects the pores and cuts the pouches into single to be inserted inside the bottles and ensures that insertion machines make clean cuts every time.

Desiccant packets are packaged in either Tyvek or Non-woven materials. Both are strong, durable and allow for extremely high absorption rates.