Since 1998. Dehumidifiers – provides portable moisture control solutions from renowned dehumidifier manufacturers like – from Singapore, Aerial from Germany and Fral and HiDew from Italy.

Aerial – Large rooms, high dehumidification capacity and high circulation rates: Aerial dehumidifier packs a whole lot of power with providing optimum energy efficiency. The Aerial series have long succeeded in wowing both commercial and private customers with a variety of practical features, high performance and energy saving.

Singapore brand with more than 16+ years of recognition by the market and consumers for their advanced technology, innovation & design. And it is not without pride we say, that Dehumidifiers have been highly appreciated and have built immense trust in customers with their outstanding and outlasting performance.

Fral – Ideal for large spaces in various industrial and commercial applications, these units are durable with robust steel frames and large condensate collection tanks with the option of direct drainage. Fral Dehumidifiers are better defined as High Efficiency Low Consumption dehumidifiers.

With over 12000+ dehumidifier installations, and 18+ years of expertise and 4 global brands, we strive each day to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. Our humidity experts understand our customer’s needs and suggest the best dehumidifier to meet their humidity requirements. Since 1998, our experience with multiple industries and their various applications have equipped us with the expertise to provide reliable products and solutions.