Fibre Desiccants

Sheets or fibre desiccants:With the dimension of the product pack is:  75 mm X 47 mm X 10 mm.
The inside product weight: 10-12 gm
The product moisture : 11.5 %
The outer BOPP film  WVTR: 3.5.

The fiber paper desiccant should be of the dimension of : 70 mm X 40 mm X 2 mm with dimensional tolerance of not more than 0.2 mm .

Other details are as below.

a. Water content (120 degree C): <10 %
b. Adsorption capability (25 degree C)
50 % RH: > 40 %
90 % RH: >100 %

Price and Details:

model(=net-weight) size(in mm) form adsorption-rate* price incl. VAT of 19%
Sheets 1,2g 15 x 35 x 1,0  < DIN A 10 55%* 11,90€
* 90% relativ humidity and 25°C

Sheets we offer you a completely new product: fibre desiccants in paper form. The sheets in the format smaller than DIN A10 (fit perfectly in the go pro ™) are only 1.0 mm thick and PE coated (when using the platelet do not remove). No contact-corrosion through the PE. You can insert the sheet in small cameras like the go pro ™ or other optical devices or protections.

The larger sheets you can cut it the size you need. Then fits in small corners of larger camera or Smartphone pockets like our Aqua Pac for example and prevents annoying fogging. And you can perforate the sheets. Like all our other desiccants the platelets can be regenerated: maximum 80 °for roundabout 4 hours in the convection oven.

Desiccant Sachets:
1 pack of 12, size 15 x 35 x 1 mm
In humid climates, moisture in the air inside the case can condense into water droplets. A sachet of desiccant will absorb any such moisture, keeping the contents completely dry.
We strongly suggest its use with all Aqua Pac cases.
Our Desiccant sachets are highly absorbent and environmentally-friendly.

Other field of application:

If you have to protect larger stuff like your collection of stamps, coins or what else or ship to other climate zones regularly, please have a look on our partnership for larger sheets and desiccant sachets:

Sort Item Specification Result
Fiber Desiccant Apperance Plain, flat and stainless Ok
Printing Clear & Accurate Ok
Length 70 mm 70
Width 40 mm 40
Thickness 2 mm 2.1 mm
Tolerance + / – 0.2 mm OK
Water Content < 10 % 9
Absorption Capacity (25 C)
RH: 50% >35 38
RH: 90% >100 105
Packaging Carbon and Label Clear & Accurate Ok
PE Packaging Without and Pinhole and breakage Ok