Humidity Indicating Cards

It is the best way to measure the Rh level (Relative Humidity) inside any packing so as to know and measure the Level of Humidity and take corrective actions so as to protect materials from specific Humidity at which the Product gets affected by moisture.

HIC has different spots in a single card or Individual cards, which changes colors and indicates the levels of Relative Humidity faced by products.

Available ranges of Humidity Cards:-

  • 8%-Single Spot
  • 10%, 20%, 30%-Three spots
  • 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%-Four spots
  • 5%, 10%, 15%-Three spots
  • 20%, 30%, 40%-Three spots
  • 30%, 40%, 50%-Three spots
  • 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%-Six spots

Eg:- Electronic Equipments, PCB’s (Printed Circuit Board), Military Equipments and Tools.
This spots change color from Blue to pink which indicates the Humidity.

The corrective action can be taken by using small Desiccant Pouches if the Rh level exceeds the 30-40Rh, which generally is harmful for any products as mentioned above.