Silica gel Bags

Silica Gel Packets - Reliable Moisture Absorption Solutions

Silica gel Bags contain Silica gel blue or white which are in bigger crystal sizes for larger empty portion inside a container cargo or inside the corrugated box while packing.
Generally, the pouches are available above 200 Grams to 5 Kg Bags.

E.g.: – 200Grams, 500Grams, 1Kg, 1500Grams, 2KG or 5 KG Bags)

Treatment calculative Factors depend upon:-

    • Dimension of the Box or Cargo to be protected.
    • Void space inside any packing.
    • Material to be Protected against Moisture.
    • Transit Time.
    • Mode of Transport.

These are used in the bigger packing for engineering products or export consignments inside the container shipment for a longer period of protection, packing from 200grams, 500grams, 1Kg, and 5Kg Bags are used with a hanging hook on the above.

The bag size used is as per the void space inside any packing and dimensions of the Box or container, it is vitally important to use Silica gel bags as per the exact treatment against the void space.

These silica gel Bags come with Crystal form of Silica gel in bigger mesh size or as per the client demands.

Silica gel Crystals could be indicating Blue type or Non-indicating white Milky silica gel, as such both the Silica gel absorption capacity remains the same between 35-40% absorption capacity of its actual weight.