Silica gel Blue

Silica gel Blue is an Indicating form of Silica gel which is offered in Crystals as Well as in Road beads.

  • Silica Gel Crystals

Silica gel Blue crystals are un-even form of Silica gel in shapes, they indicate absorption by changing color from Blue to Light pink and vary in MM size as per their applications.

Below mentioned are the different sizes they are available in:-

Particle Size
Blue Crystals Silica gel
Size In Mesh Size In MM
1 – 2 9 – 12
3 – 4 6 – 8
5 – 8 4 – 8
9 – 16 2 – 4
16 – 30 1 – 2
30 – 60 0 – 1

All Silica gel Crystals particle sizes at actual against the application and uses.


The bigger sizes Mesh from 1-2 Mesh, 3-4 Mesh & 5-8 Mesh are used as silica gel Breathers in transformers and the remaining 9-16 Mesh, 16-30 Mesh, 30-60 Mesh are used as desiccants absorbents in pouch form.


The reason behind the small particle sizes used as desiccant is that they don’t allow larger space between each other when packed in sachets or pouches, using such small partials avoid the moisture to intersect in between the silica gel crystals and last for a longer period of time as compared to that of larger particles if used as desiccants
And most importantly they don’t tear the Non-woven bag packing in pouches or sachets as are less sharp as compared to that of larger particles. And can be inserted into smaller packing starting from 1gm to 20 Grams.
Still 5-8 Mesh is used as desiccants which could be ideal for both uses.

Technical Parameter of Silica gel Blue Crystals as below:-

Technical Specification Of Silica gel Blue
Properties At actual
ASSAY (as SiO2) 96 – 98 %
pH 7Ph
Bulk Density 0.600 – 0.700 gm/cc
Loss on Drying % < 6
Adsorption Capacity at 100 % Rh Min.33%
Sulpates (Na2SO4) 0.5 ppm
Choloride (as Nacl) 0.05 ppm
Friability 99.5
Iron Less Than 25ppm
Die methyl Fluoride NIL

Silica gel Blue Round Beads-

Silica gel Blue beads are spherical form of Silica gel Balls with definite shaped round Beads, this Silica gel beads are indicating form which indicate changing the color from Blue to white.

Below are the sizes they are available along with their specifications: –

Technical Specification Of Silica gel Blue Beads
Typical Properties Units Spherical
Diameter Mm 1-2 ; 2-4 ; 3-5
Al2O3 % 83
SiO2 % 17
Bulk Density g/l 780
Static Water Adsorption RH = 40% [% (25˚C wt)] 11,5
Static Water Adsorption RH = 80% [% (25˚C wt)] 33
Crush Strength ≥N 100
Package Moisture ≤%wt 3.0
Pore Volume> ml/g 0.4-0.5
Surface Area ml/g 500